About us

Bildungsurlaub Approval began as a solution to a tricky problem. Schools wanted to apply for Bildungsurlaub recognition but found the application process and the varying rules and criteria a nightmare. As more and more schools asked us for help, we saw an opportunity to make this process less painful for everyone. Thomas Roth founded Bildungsurlaub Approval 2013 in Cologne Germany and since then has helped many hundreds of schools become accredited.

Bildungsurlaub Approval is well known and respected in the international education industry. More than 180 schools worldwide trust us to facilitate their recognitions and help market their programmes via our German-language website, visited by professionals and agents across Germany looking for a Bildungsurlaub experience.

We have been a finalist at the ST Star Awards every year since 2019 – the longest running and most competitive industry awards.

We are also a member of FDSV, the Association of German Language-Tour Operators. The FDSV applies some of the most comprehensive quality standards across its membership and partners.

Thomas is also a regular presenter and guest at conferences and events. Thomas is passionate about educating schools about Bildungsurlaub and how to make the most of it once your school is approved.

Why us?

As the rules for Bildungsurlaub are different in each federal state the application process can fast become confusing and time consuming. Often the necessary documentation is required in German, even if you have a German speaking team member, this can still be difficult and expensive. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we know the process inside out. Our team is constantly on the lookout for changes to the Bildungsurlaub criteria, so you don’t have to!

Ultimately, it is our job to help you get more Germans through your doors and into your classes!

We help you by:

  • Taking the hassle out of the Bildungsurlaub process

  • Freeing up your admin staff – no more drowning in German bureaucracy!

  • Getting you approved so you can access the thousands of Germans who participate in Bildungsurlaub each year!

Schools love:

  • Our professional handling of all documents and approvals

  • The time we save them – getting approved and providing the necessary documentation to agents online

  • The personal online Bildungsurlaub training provided to school administration staff

  • The ongoing support provided for questions, queries or if they simply get stuck!

  • Attracting new German clients and agents via the Bildungsurlaub-Approval directory

  • Being recognised through the use of “Bildungsurlaub approved” logo

  • Our fair and transparent pricing

  • Easily generating documents for clients in our secure login area